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Is it time for a memory screen?

Are you or a loved one showing signs of memory loss?

Did you know there are many causes for a failing memory?

Alzheimer's Disease is just one possibility.

At Cognitas Health, we assess if memory issues are triggered by illnesses or lifestyle.

Illness Lifestyle

We can help!

Our team is ready to assist you.

Screen to learn if memory issues are disease or lifestyle-caused.
Yes, you can do free memory assessments. But they do not reveal the cause.
Our screens are designed to give you real answers, and then help you design real solutions.

Design a lifestyle program to regenerate memory, regardless of cause.
Learn the many things you can do to support your memory for as long as possible.

Join our support groups.
Sometimes just knowing you are not alone makes a huge difference—whether you are facing a long-term illness or are a caregiver of someone who is.

Virtual Services now available!

Call today for questions and to discuss which of our programs will work for you.

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