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There are three possible answers


This is the question plagued by many.

After a Cognitas Health initial Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) screening, you will know one of three things:

There IS a problem

(You show signs of dementia)


There IS NOT a problem

(Your symptoms are within normal aging)


There MAY BE a problem

(While you have signs of MCI, they may be turned around by lifestyle changes)



I know I have memory problems...why should I get screened?

There are many causes for dementia. How you proceed with life can greatly be influenced by the source of your “bad memory.”

For some people, lifestyle changes, such as reduction of stress or more mental stimulation, can turn around their cognitive abilities.

For others, being dianosed with a dementia disease give them, their doctors and their families information that can help guide them to a more satisfactory future.

What happens in a screening and how long does it take?

The initial screening is given by a series of questions and takes about 45 minutes.

From there, the screenings we give can include a written test; an hour lifestyle query; blood and urine samples; and a nutritional panel.

Are screenings available virtually?

Yes! We offer testing in your home via computer. You take our preliminary screening tests for Mild Cognitive Impairment at home, the results are sent to us, we analyze the results, and we send you an explanation of your scores. If needed we may recommend further tests, which can also be done at home.

The rest of our services can be discussed over the phone or via Zoom, including formulation of a behavioral program involving diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, intellectual stimulation, and socializing.(Click here to learn more)

What do I do once I’ve had the screening?

Depending on the results of your screenings, you will want to consult your physician and talk to your family.

Also, at Cognitas Health, we offer two follow-up services.

  1. Support groups: (Click here to learn more)

  2. Individualized lifestyle program: (Click here to learn more)

How much do screenings cost?

Our screenings are $200-$300. Call to discuss which one is right for you.


Why get screened for Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

Since dementia can profoundly influence your life and that of any caregivers, it makes sense to know whether you are at risk for the disease.

When you take a brief cognitive assessment from a trained practitioner, such as the ones we give at Cognitas Health, it indicates whether you have some of the memory and cognative problems associated with dementia.

Success Story

Doug’s wife came with him to our office with complaints about him forgetting. Within a few minutes of taking the brief cognitive assessment, we could see he was indeed at risk for dementia. They opted for us to do further screening and it became apparent he was in the beginning stages of dementia.

We were able to then work with them on lifestyle options that they reported did improve his memory and stalled the progression of the disease.

If tests reveal that further development of dementia is eminent and that you’ll eventually need the assistance of caregivers, you and your family now have the information needed to sit down together and talk about the implications. Earlier conversations can give you more options.

How is early detection helpful?

Detection of any of the factors can help identify whether a person has a likelihood of developing dementia and has reached the stage of MCI. These kinds of screening can help a person with symptoms, their family and caregivers understand how to deal with certain behaviors that are of concern, and also what may happen over the next 4-10 years.

Virtual Services now available!

Call now to talk with us about which screening would be appropriate for you.

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