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Financial Care Planning

It’s no secret that Social Security and Medicare may not provide what you need to live comfortably as you age. Our experts can help you build or adjust a plan that provides for your retirement and deals with the gaps in medical coverage. Long term care planning, using a variety of tools, is one of those items that can help you sleep easier, knowing you'll be taken care of.

Depending on how they're set up, long-term care and living benefit solutions can cover in-home care, adult or elder care, or extended stays in managed or skilled nursing facilities. It offers protection for people who are injured or ill, and need help with the basic activities of daily living, like toileting, dressing, transferring, eating, and bathing, or are cognitively impaired.

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These solutions cost real money, but thanks to new insurance products, our financial advisors are able to use these power tools as part of both a managed care solution and as part of a larger estate-planning solution.

Our consulting team can provide a free review for you to help build a strategy for your current and future needs. We recognize the importance of having a solid financial plan and preparing for the unexpected.

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